1998-02 Camaro/Firebird Race Kits

Twin Highflow Intercooler System

Intercooled supercharging is absolutely the most sophisticated, reliable and cost-effective method for substantially increasing the horsepower and overall performance of your LS1 Camaro or Firebird. ProCharger’s available Twin Highflow Intercooler System provides the coolest charge air temperatures in the industry for outstanding performance and engine longevity. The two intercoolers mount behind the stock front bumper cover and then feed the cooled charge air into a single air plenum before it enters the engine. For racing applications, ProCharger offers an optional single 3 core Race Intercooler, capable of supporting in excess of 850 HP.

ProCharger's LS1 Tuner Kit is identical to the system, but omits fuel system upgrades and will require custom tuning by a qualified dealer.  Realizing the performance potential of modified LS1 F-bodies, ProCharger also has an intercooled 8-rib serpentine drive race kit available.  

  Intercooled Serpentine Race Kit with D-1SC (8 rib)  specify  specify  4.5" twin highflow

ProCharger 1998- 2002 Camaro/Firebird (LS1) Race Kits

  • Serpentine Intercooled Race Kit (8 rib)

Optional Upgrades Include

  • Polished supercharger 
  • Polished Air Plenum (roto-mold plastic is standard)
  • Helical Gear set for Noise Reduction (P-1SC & D-1SC only)
  • Larger, 4.5-inch core Twin Highflow Intercooler Upgrade
  • 850+ HP Air-to-Air Intercooler System Upgrade (minor mods required)

Upgrades To Our LS1 F-Body Supercharger Systems!

ProCharger has absolutely owned the LS1 Camaro/Firebird supercharger market since our first system debuted in 1998, but we never sit on our hands content with success when improvements can be made. That’s why we’re constantly improving and upgrading all of our supercharger systems even decades after first designing them. Case in point are the LS1-powered 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird systems.

When the LS engine came out, it ushered in record-breaking performance and became the most common engine swap architecture since the original small-block Chevy way back in 1955. Those original ProCharger supercharger systems for that generation F-body were stellar performers back when 600 horsepower on the street was really impressive, but these days we regularly see four-digit horsepower figures and had some tricks up our sleeves to improve the performance and power levels on the LS1 F-body systems.

New Upgrades

If you have an existing ProCharger system on your LS1-powered Camaro or Firebird and are looking to step up the power level, we have some new upgrades that will get you there.

  • Improved 8-rib Race kit and now with optional 10-rib, both using HD tensioner
  • Single front-mounted 1,300 HP intercooler upgrade for the Race kit
  • Improved air inlet for Race applications.
  • Race Kits support up to F-1A-94 head unit

Base Intercooler setup with 10-rib drive.

Single front-mounted 1,300 HP intercooler upgrade for the Race kit

HD tensioner and bracket


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