1996-98 Cobra (4.6 4V) Summary

Maximum Performance and Reliability with Minimal Cost and Maintenance–Bolt on 45-70% More Power

When ProCharger developed the ultimate supercharger system for the high compression, highly-sophisticated 4.6L 4V engines, the goal was simple: maximum performance and reliability with minimal cost and maintenance. The results speak for themselves–500+ HP on stock 4V engines.

The ProCharger 4V Advantage

When compared with the meager 35-40% gains from non-intercooled supercharger systems from other manufacturers, the real-world performance advantages of an intercooled ProCharger supercharger system become clear.

An industry-leading ProCharger 4.6L 4V supercharger system allows you to experience what 500+ HP feels like in these affordable pony cars, while the proven reliability of the ProCharger supercharger and intercooler system means ProCharged Mustang owners get to enjoy this level of performance every day.

1998-96 Cobra (4.6 4V) Supercharger Kit Info:

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