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Pontiac’s New G8 in the ProCharger Shop!

ProCharger just received the ‘08 Pontiac G8 we will be using to develop one of our legendary intercooled self-contained supercharger systems! The 6.0L motor barely had time to cool down before our engineers had it on the dyno for a baseline pull.

Our customers are seeing extreme power production and reliability out of our current LS-engine supercharger systems, so we are all really looking forward to bringing these power gains to the G8.

Check this blog often for updates on this and other ProCharger projects!

9 Responses to “Pontiac’s New G8 in the ProCharger Shop!”

  1. Hey, that’s my car! Excuse my prejudice, but if you are considering F/I your list of vendors should be no longer than ProCharger. They have done my GTO and are now doing my G8. The performance of the product is second to none. That is a given at ProCharger. The people at PrCharger are the real reason I work with them. They have the best customer service and technical support in the business. That is why ProCharger is my choice for Pedders USA show cars. Pedders doesn’t build suspensions for trailer queens — we drive to track events and we drive home from track events. We depend on ProCharger and they have never let us down.

  2. I work with Pete, and am really excited about the new G8 that Pete is building for Pedders. Pete’s suspension has already been quite significantly upgraded with all bushes, tuned custom sway bars, and finally our adjustable coil overs all around. Pete’s GTO has a Pro Charger and it has been extremely reliable ad has not stressed the engine too much. Pete has done a huge amount of tracking (not drag racing) with his car, and we have used his car for our experimental test fits, and testing our newest stuff first. Hise GTO wide body sticks really well, and complements the power of the Pro Charger like you would not believe.

    This G8 will be featured at SEMA this year, so look for it. We are looking forward to a great relationship with Pro Charger!. They realy make great stuff!

  3. The G8 GT ProCharger kit is going to be a hit! The LS3 heads love boost and this is going to be an awesome combination that is going to make a lot of horsepower.

    We had a G8 with 400 miles up on our Mustang Chassis Dyno 1750 the other day.
    Stock everything : 286 .48 HP 316.35 TRQ ….Best of multiple runs from 190*-220*
    We ran it from 180* down the 1/4 on our dyno and here are the results.
    13.65@ 102.73
    13.84@ 102.50
    13.85@ 101.77

    I can’t wait to add an ATI ProCharger to one of these G8’s! Bob

  4. I know that I have had some difficulty keeping up with Pete in the GTO. I am quite sure that this will be no different:)

  5. The G8 is a well balanced vehicle from the factory. The Pedderised drive from New Orleans to Lenexa was effortless. The drive from ProCharger to Michigan should be better. We’ll get the baseline dyno N/A information posted soon.

    There has been interest for several magazines in this project. We do our best to support our friends in the media. Please contact Pete Basica at

  6. Baseline G8 Numbers

    304.59 Max HP
    325 ft-lbs max torque
    4th gear
    Box Stock
    1,300 Miles

  7. I can’t wait to see this, I just picked up my G8 GT and im ready for a procharger!

  8. I just picked up my Pedderised ProCharged g8 at ATI on Thursday. It is a miracle — I still have a drivers license!!! The car is so quiet. The car is so easy to drive. The car is sneaky fast and wicked fast at the same time. You almost need to check the gauges to see if it is running. You almost think that triple digits feel like legal speeds….

    The installation quality is exceptional. They people at ATI exceeded my expectations in every way. This is the first G8 kit and it looks like it came from the factory — I guess it did. If you own a G8 and are considering a ProCharger — feel free to contact me. My office number is 248.522.8021. You can read more about the ProCharger installation on a G8 and see the pictures at

    To all the people at ProCharger that worked on this project — THANK YOU!!! Jeff, I’ll see you on the Hot Rod Power Tour.

  9. CORSA provided a prototype exhaust for the G8 about two weeks ago. Backstreet Performance installed the exhaust and adjusted the tune. With a ProCharger G8 kit, a CORSA exhaust and a Backstreet tune we are now making 473 RWHP. When the CORSA resonators are ready for testing we expect to see another 5 to 10 RWHP gain. 480 RWHP with daily driver reliability — this is exactly what we were looking for from ProCharger. The car pulls strong across the board. It is on fire between 65 and 150 MPH.

    We do have a small drivability issue with the transmission tuning. You have to let off the accelerator at about 175 MPH to get the transmission to up-shift into the 6th….

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