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ProCharger V-Twin – Power Up YOUR Harley - 201 RWHP at Daytona

The ProCharger V-Twin crew has been very busy attending some of the early season motorcycle events, including the Pomona Bike Show, V-Twin Expo and Daytona Bike Week, as well as bringing to market intercooled supercharger systems for 2009 Touring bikes. As a matter of fact, ProCharger had a complete supercharger system for the 2009 Touring bikes available several weeks before any other performance part, even exhaust systems! 

At Daytona Bike Week, ProCharger exhibited with one of our dealers: Fat Baggers Inc (FBI), while ProCharger’s own “Project Bagger” served notice on the Dyno Drags with a 201 RWHP pull. This number was put down in a single pull and on standard, straight-out-of-the-pump gas and was the mark to beat all week!  

A ProCharger-equipped and customized 2007 Softail® Nightrain also captured the “Best of Show” award at the Pomona (CA) Bike Show. Congratulations to the crew at All Industries Performance! 

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5 Responses to “ProCharger V-Twin – Power Up YOUR Harley - 201 RWHP at Daytona”

  1. I want to install a pro charger on my 2006 harley Dyna super glide , The dealership said not a good Idea , Because I recently Install a 113 big bore engine up grade on my bike , I am pushing 124 pounds of torque and 125 horse power when on the Dino . I was told my engine cant handle the turbo charger because of the High performance engine up grade I just had done . is this true , can I have the turbo kit installed on my harley or will it be too much for the engine to handle. thank kendall .

  2. I was at the Brute HP Shootout in Daytona 2009 and actually had second place with my bagger for about 5 minutes on Thursday, March 5th, the last day of qualifying. My Bike completed the Dyno run at 151 RWHP with a Procharger on a fairly stock Stage one Biog bore and 211 cams! I was so proud ot be up there on the board against guys who had a huge motor! My bike is a 2004 ElectaGlide Classic with a Fat Baggers back end.


  3. Kendall,
    Thank you for the interest in our ProCharger super-charger system for your 2006 Dyna.

    Your 113ci engine was most likely built with high compression pistons and specific cams that work with that combination to build high cylinder pressure. That is how it is able to make that much power and torque.

    A ProCharger system can be installed on your current engine but would have to be “turned down” to a low boost level to still be safe on pump gas.

    Depending on what exact compression ration and cam profile your engine was built with, we can add about 25-35 horsepower to your engine.

    A turbocharger system or a typical roots-style supercharger (or blower) will force very hot air into the engine, which results in detonation/pinging in the combustion chamber. The way to keep an engine safe is to use high octane race fuel or retard timing back considerably. That will result in a very small or virtually no power gains, and only slight torque gains.

    ProCharger systems use a very efficient centrifugal style supercharger and an intercooler that cools the air before it is forced into the engine.

    To get the full potential of the ProCharger system, at a later date you will need to have the compression ratio lowered to 9.0-9.5 and the cams changed.
    Then we can “turn up” the boost and gain 50-80+hp to your engine.

    We have several customers with 110, 113, and 120ci engine making 180-200 hp with pump gas. These are not drag bikes, but average street bikes that are able to take long road trips and ride daily in traffic without any troubles.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ProCharger at 913/338-2886.

  4. I have a 120r and I am interested in a pro charger. Do you have a setup for it

  5. It’s in an 08 dyna superglide

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