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New ProCharger F-3 Series Blowers


ProCharger is proud to announce the release of its new line of highly efficient and durable F-3 superchargers. Our engineering staff, the largest in the aftermarket forced induction industry, has been hard at work in ProCharger’s aerodynamics test lab, developing three specific different designs: F-3A-121, F-3R-130, F-3R-136.

f3-121b.jpgThese new ultra-efficient compressor and impeller designs will not only provide you and our racers with more boost, they will also take less drive power to turn them. In addition to these new features, they still include all the advantages our racers have become accustomed to. With its unmatched self-contained oiling system, to its patented compound bearing assembly, the F-3 is the most durable centrifugal supercharger ever to exceed the 225 mph barrier.

Whether you’re racing a high-winding small block or choose to run over 600 cubes, ProCharger has an F-3-series supercharger to fit your needs. From 1800 horsepower all the way up to well over 3000 horsepower, it’s no wonder why ProCharger superchargers are the racers’ choice for performance and reliability.

ProCharger F-3A-121
Base HP Range of NA Engine: 500 – 850 HP
Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 2,100 HP
Maximum Airflow: 3,100 cfm
Maximum Boost: 40 psi
Inlet Diameter: 5.5 inches
Outlet Diameter: 4 inches
Maximum Impeller RPM: 72,000
Internal Step-up Ratio: 6.24:1
Self-Contained Oiling: Yes
Reverse Rotation Available: Yes

ProCharger F-3R-130
Base HP Range of NA Engine: 600 – 900 HP
Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 2,600 HP
Maximum Airflow: 3,600 cfm
Maximum Boost: 45 psi
Inlet Diameter: 6 inches
Outlet Diameter: 4 inches
Maximum Impeller RPM: 72,000
Internal Step-up Ratio: 5.63:1
Self-Contained Oiling: Yes
Reverse Rotation Available: Yes

ProCharger F-3R-136
Base HP Range of NA Engine: 700 – 1,000 HP
Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 3,000+ HP
Maximum Airflow: 4,000 cfm
Maximum Boost: 50 psi
Inlet Diameter: 6 inches
Outlet Diameter: 4 inches
Maximum Impeller RPM: 72,000
Internal Step-up Ratio: 5.63:1
Self-Contained Oiling: Yes
Reverse Rotation Available: Yes

ProCharger 3rd Party Kits Powering up Powersports!

ProCharger Superchargers are continuing to substantially increase power levels in the Powersports market, with many advantages over other types of forced induction and power adders.


Eric Paquette with DAS Performance recently ran over 30 passes at 8.50 or faster with the best times being  8.26 @ 169 MPH with a slightly tuned 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa. The bike used a basically stock engine, C-1 supercharger making around 16 psi of boost and put down over 300 rear wheel horsepower. In addition, the bike has also been over 200 MPH during the most recent Loring Timing Association land speed event held at Loring, ME!

Back on the dyno for some more tuning and more boost, Eric was able to find even more power – and incredible 414 rear wheel HP to be exact a gain of 249HP (165 stock)! Watch this Procharged Hayabusa on youtube. You can find out more about the DAS Performance Hayabusa offering at

skidootimeslip.jpgDave Dunn with Dunn Performance recently ran an incredible 8.38 @ 151MPH with a drag modified Ski-Doo 1200 snowmobile. The sled is based around a lightly modified 1200 engine, B-1 supercharger making around 18 psi of boost and a custom air-to-water intercooler pumping out over 400 crank horsepower! Watch this Procharged SkiDoo on youtube.  You can find out more about the Dunn Performance offering for these incredible snowmobiles at

Street, Strip, Sand, Dirt, Snow, Water and everything in between. ProCharger – The Ultimate Power Adder

It’s a Jeep thing anyone will understand


The designers and engineers at ProCharger have done it again! We’ve been working overtime in ProCharger’s industry leading R&D facility, including the new Aerodynamics test lab, to bring you The Ultimate Power Adder for the ultimate Jeep® Grand Cherokee. We are pleased to add the 2006-2010 SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee ProCharger system to the most diverse line of superchargers and supercharger systems on the planet.


High Output Intercooled Systems and Intercooled Tuner Kits will be available December 2011 to build on the already solid statistics for the SRT8, featuring the ultra-efficient air-to-air intercooler and upgradability that is hands down the best in the industry. Stay tuned for the jaw dropping horsepower, torque and acceleration numbers as they promise to be nothing short of amazing.


Just in time for the holidays, even Santa Clause will be pulling his sleigh with SRT8 ProCharged Power this year.

2009-10 Dodge HEMI Ram: ProCharger Systems Now Available

Hey, does that thing have a ProCharger? The only thing better than being able to say that you have a HEMI®, is being able to say you have a ProCharged HEMI! Your HEMI Ram is about to grow some big horns. We are pleased to introduce the newly engineered self-contained, intercooled power adder for the 2009-2010 HEMI® Ram truck. Available for immediate order, this new product will begin shipping November 7, 2011.


The highly efficient HO Intercooled System is 100% complete, and produces an industry-leading power increase of approximately 40% with 7 psi of boost.  HO Intercooled Tuner Kits and higher boost levels are available for modified engines.  HO systems and tuner kits both come standard with the industry leading P-1SC-1 ProCharger and 3 core air-to-air intercooler.  Systems and tuner kits for 2009-10 model years begin shipping November 7.  For 2011 model years, tuner kits begin shipping November 7, and complete systems should be available in the near future.


ProCharger Ultimate Power Adder for Camaro and GM Truck


As the scorching hot temperatures of summer begin to cool, things are heating up at ProCharger.  The development team has been hard at work bringing you the most diverse line of ground pounding horsepower in the industry.  From the aerodynamics test lab to your garage, real power, real world applications.

2011camaro_uh.jpgDrop the top.  Put on your safety belt because ProCharger is back with the horsepower solution for your 2011 Camaro Convertible.   Building on the success of the hard top Camaro kit, the High Output Intercooled System with 7 PSI of ProCharged boost will throw you back in your seat with 50%+ gain in HP and an equally impressive gain in torque.  The HO intercooled system  includes an 8 rib drive utilizing the P-1SC-1 supercharger, 3 core air to air intercooler, fuel injectors, tuning and handheld programmer.  The Ultimate Power Adder for the classic American icon, the Camaro convertible.  Stage II Systems and Tuner Kits are available and shipping now.


What’s that you say?  You have a truck?  Do we have something for you too?  The answer is simple….Truck Yeah!  The HO intercooled system for the 2011 GM 6.2 L will wake up your truck to say the least.   Do you like HP?  At 7-8 PSI, get ready for a 50%+ gain in horsepower!  In addition you will enjoy increased efficiency and torque for your towing / hauling needs.  The HO intercooled system comes standard with a 3 core air to air intercooler and everything you need to bolt on and go.  Give us a call today!

The Worlds Fastest Street Legal Harley-Davidson

Hiro Koiso is an engine builder / tuner at Red Rock H-D in Las Vegas, and his racing team returned to the salt at the 2011 BUB Speed Trials. Hiro managed to make 15 passes during the week and the Hiro Koiso Racing team set 2 new FIM world and 4 AMA national records in 3000cc Blown classes.  That included a one-way top speed of 193.596 mph without fairings!

hiro_koiso2.jpg This bike has been ridden on street prior to the race and has laid claim to being “the world fastest street legal Harley-Davidson”.  This performance at Bonneville was made all the sweeter by difficulties of the past year.

“This year’s preparation was tough but it was all worth it.” Hiro commented. The year started out by recovering the bike - and himself - from a crash in the 2010 racing event, as well as recovering the race engine which was stolen from the shop in May 2011. “I was so glad to be back on the salt to redeem myself.” His 2006 FXD-I is powered by a JIMS131 Twin Cam engine modified by T-Man Performance, and all internal components are WPC metal surface treated.

Air is forced fed through a ProCharger B-1 supercharger to create the record setting power.  Power from the engine is transferred by an AIM 3rd generation CF2 clutch and Sundance / RK chain, with gear shifting done by a Pingel electric shifter.  The engine boasts 224 Horsepower at the rear wheel.

4 new AMA records. 3000 M-PBG 188.509mph, 3000 M-PBF 190,413mph, 3000 MPS-PBG 188.231mph, 3000 MPS-PBF 191.507mph. (all records are subject of ratification)


Hiro Koiso Racing 2011 Bonneville racing was sponsored by Alter Air Mechanical Services, T-Man Performance, JIMS, ProCharger, WPC metal surface treatment, AIM corp., IST, Pingel, Sundance, Worldwide bearings and Red Rock Harley-Davidson.
For more information: Hiro Koiso Racing, FaceBook fan page.

State of the Art Test Facility

ATI’s aerodynamics test lab utilizes state of the art equipment and 3 separate supercharger test cells to help ensure that ProCharger superchargers are the best in the industry.

This test lab, the industry’s largest and most capable, allows ProCharger engineers to simultaneously perform aerodynamic (efficiency) testing, gearcase testing (durability, noise and mechanical efficiency), and long term performance testing.

img_6389.jpgData from this test cell contributed to the recently introduced, highly efficient F-3A-121 ProCharger, as well as the 3,400+ horsepower F-4 ProCharger.  On a daily basis, future ProCharger designs are being tested for efficiency and durability in this lab. Vehicle testing and calibrations engineering are continually ongoing utilizing the company’s in-ground Mustang chassis dynamometer. For high horsepower engine testing a 2,000 horsepower in-house engine dyno is utilized.

A hallmark of ATI’s success has been a thorough understanding of engine dynamics and customer usage, both on the street and at the track. That perspective and knowledge helps ensure that testing in the aerodynamics lab, on the engine dyno and on the road are all representative of real world conditions.

This in turn produces industry leading real world performance from state of the art compressors and intercooler systems, and maximum power levels nearly twice that of our nearest competitor.

photo_sm.jpgAdditionally, knowledge transferred from Inovair, ATI’s industrial products division (which features gearcases designed for continuous duty 24×7 operation and compressor efficiencies exceeding 80%), helps fuel further innovation for ProCharger.

For years now, the ProCharger engineering team has been the largest and most capable in the industry.  It was only fitting that the test lab be expanded to increase the impact of the engineering team, and the pace and quality of product development.  As demonstrated by recent ProCharger models introduced in the past year and new models on the way, ProCharger is committed to not only maintaining, but expanding its industry leadership.


This new test lab is housed in Building 2 of the ProCharger campus (building at right in photo below), and came into service in the fall of 2010.


New ProCharger F-3A-121 Supercharger: Now Shipping

ProCharger announces the immediate availability of a new supercharger model: the F-3A-121 self-contained supercharger. The new -121 model joins the long and distinguished lineup of legendary ProCharger F-Series superchargers and meets the specifications of several classes, including NMRA Super Street Outlaw.

The new F-3A-121 model has been in ProCharger development since the fall of 2010. “Overall, our goal has been to design it for optimal performance for a specific operating range that appeals to a variety of racing classes,” says Dave Werremeyer, Motorsports Operations Coordinator for ProCharger. “Using our new aerodynamics test lab, we also have been able to document reduced discharge temps and a reduction in parasitic load from this new model.”

F-3A-121 ImpellerThe new ProCharger F-3A-121 is slightly smaller than the F-3A-123 model, both in the inducer diameter and vane tip height, has an MSRP of $5,699 and is available through all ProCharger dealers. For complete blower specifications, visit the F-Series supercharger specs page or the complete ProCharger supercharger models page.

When you’re ready to put the Ultimate Power Adder under the hood of your street car, race car, truck or SUV, please give our highly skilled and enthusiastic ProCharger Sales Team a call at 913/338-2886, M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM central time.

Fuel Mileage and Power - Get BOTH with ProCharger

Fuel mileage versus power. For anyone who drives their performance car or truck on a daily basis, this is always the balancing act. But, with an intercooled ProCharger supercharger system and thanks to the high efficiency centrifugal compressor and air-to-air intercooler technology, owners get to enjoy the best of both worlds: increased horsepower with little to no affect on fuel mileage under normal driving conditions.

Real World Fuel Mileage Examples

At ProCharger, we have the industry’s largest fleet of test vehicles. But, who better to ask about their real world fuel economy than ProCharger owners? Friends and fans on our Facebook page told us about their outstanding combinations of power and fuel mileage they see with their cars. In their own words, here are just a few examples:

Fred Cook: “2011 Mustang GT 5.0L 4V, automatic with 3.73 gears, ProCharger Stage II at 8.5 lbs. of boost making 620 rwhp with an Evolution Performance, Inc. custom 93 octane tune and I get 19 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway.” (below)

Tou Yan: “I had a ProCharged Ford Focus and after adding 100+ HP with bolt-ons and a tune on 12 lbs of boost, my gas mileage was as good if not better then before.”

John Albani: “I GAINED 2 mpg when I put the D-1SC on my 2005 GTO. 657 hp to the rear and I still can get 27.5 mph. Thanks ProCharger!”

Criss Evans: “Stock bottom end LS1 in a a ‘98 Camaro. All of the supporting mods through a 6-speed. 22-24 mpg with more than 500 hp to the ground.” (below)

Justin Humphrey: “Fully built 2000 Mustang GT w/D-1SC and 20 lbs of boost. 690 rwhp and still gets around 19 mpg on the highway.”

Ken Scudder: “Nissan S14 fitted with an LS2 and T-56, 3.7 rear end with D-1SC at 8 psi gets around 25 mpg on the highway.”

Jarrod Jacobs: “2010 Chevy Camaro SS. P-1SC-1 with full headers and exhaust. 548 rwhp. I can get 29 mpg on the highway. Window sticker for stock car says 24 mpg.” (See Jarrod’s car and video below)

Josh Rushing: “I’m getting 26 mpg in my ‘03 GT Mustang with a P-1SC and 3.55 gears.” (below)

Chris Hunter: “LSX 427 F-2 ProCharger in a C6 Corvette with an auto and 28-3200 stall. 1,200 hp - 24 mpg cruising down the interstate.” (below)

Chris Pellecchia: “Ran an ‘05 4.0L V6 Mustang with 10 lbs on a P-1SC. Definite increase in highway mileage when on cruise control.”

Derek Byford: “I gained 2-4 mpg after installing my ProCharger! My F-150 gets 18 mpg.” (drag race video below)

Those are just a few of the Facebook responses current ProCharger owners posted. You can read even more of the examples here.

Towing Fuel Mileage

Another popular question we get is: “I use my truck to tow a trailer - what will a ProCharger do to my fuel mileage?”

Obviously, fuel mileage while towing depends on many factors: overall weight of trailer, towing speed, aerodynamics of trailer being towed and how hard you accelerate, just to name a few.

Dell Hughes uses his 2005 F-150 SuperCrew to tow his road course Mustang all over the country. He’d made many long trips before installing an intercooled ProCharger supercharger onto the truck’s 5.4L 3V engine.

“This spring, towing from Tulsa, OK to College Station, TX, I averaged 13.5 mpg. Before the ProCharger was installed, my fuel mileage for this same trip would be around 13.8 miles per gallon,” explains Hughes. “Another tow I make is down to Sebring, FL. Before the truck was supercharged, I’d average 14.3 mpg for the 2,500 mile round trip. With the truck supercharged, my fuel mileage for the same trip was right at 14 mpg.”

Hughes also talks about how much fun it is to drive and tow with his ProCharged F-150. “The ProCharger supercharger has turned my F-150 into the truck I would have preferred from the beginning. It is very driveable and the extra power and torque make the truck much easier and a lot more fun to drive, especially when towing,” Hughes says. “The way the power comes on also makes it easy to drive in wet conditions or on snow and ice. Yes, when you stomp on it, the power will overcome the traction the truck has, but nice smooth build up of power makes it easy to drive. The 390 rear wheel horsepower and torque are about right for the way I use my truck.”

Hughes notes that when he’s not towing, he still gets around 18 mpg… “unless I’m playing in the boost!”

2009 F-150: towing and delivery mileage

ProCharger’s own 2009 F-150 has also been used for extended towing duties: Kansas City to Daytona, FL several times. Towing an 18-ft enclosed trailer loaded with supercharged Harley motorcycles and display material, this truck regularly records 13 mpg and thanks to it’s 425 intercooled rear wheel horsepower, handles the trailer with ease.

Running unloaded, the supercharged 5.4L 3V recorded 22.3 mpg on a recent 354 mile delivery run.

Of course, everyone’s fuel mileage will vary based upon your individual vehicle and how you drive it. But, it’s pretty easy to see that for ProCharger owners, power and fuel mileage can go hand in hand.

Do you have a great ProCharged power and fuel mileage story to share? Please feel free to comment on this post, post up on our Facebook page or email us at

ProCharger Adds Big Power to Car Craft Budget LS Build

Those crafty horsepower junkies at Car Craft magazine recently ran a series of articles documenting the horsepower potential of a junkyard-sourced 5.3L GM LS engine. In a nutshell, the project outline was to; purchase a budget LS engine, toss in a performance camshaft, a new carb, headers and oh yeah, a ProCharger self-contained supercharger.

However, before they bolted on the supercharger, the engine was base-lined naturally aspirated. Still running the stock block, pistons, crank, rods and cylinder heads and 650 cfm carb, the junkyard 5.3L recorded 414 HP at 6,100 rpm.

Add ProCharger Boost

Starting with a ProCharger LS transplant supercharger kit from The Supercharger Store, the Car Craft crew then set out to see just how much power they could make with their budget-friendly components. Based upon their previous experiences with bolting on ProCharger superchargers, the team calculated a 50% increase from their base N/A horsepower.

The  result: 644 ProCharged horsepower, that’s an increase of 225 HP or a 55% gain in horsepower!

This ProCharger-equipped 5.3L made 644 HP for Car Craft

For a complete rundown of their ProCharged budget 5.3L GM build, visit the Car Craft web site. Check out these pages for more information about the industry-leading ProCharger LSx Transplant Supercharger Kits or give our Sales Team a call at 913/338-2886, M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM central time.

Because they were still running the stock pistons and relatively high LS compression ratio, the Car Craft team elected to add a simple water-injection system to their testing. Running slightly less boost would have eliminated this need while still producing more than a 50% gain in power. Adding an intercooler also would have eliminated this need and also would allow for a larger increase in power, well above the 225 horsepower gain.

LSx Transplant Kit available for cast iron engine blocks, too

The article mentions that ProCharger “is working on a kit” for use on the iron block GM LS engines. This kits is now available, meaning ProCharger LSx Transplant supercharger kits can be used on either aluminum or cast iron engine blocks.

This isn’t the first time the capable Car Craft crew used a ProCharger to build some serious, budget-friendly horsepower.

Car Craft bolted a ProCharger supercharger onto a “junkyard 5.0L Ford” and made 605 HP

Back in the December 2007 issue, they bolted a ProCharger onto a junkyard 5.0L small block Ford and twisted out 605 HP.

Their next ProCharger-enhanced attempted yielded 611 HP from a “boat anchor” 350 cid Chevy (Feb 09 issue of Car Craft). Clearly, these guys love to share their budget horsepower secrets with their readers and rely on ProCharger to generate the numbers that are both attainable and realistic. Keep up the great work!

Spring 2011 Camaro Now magazine

Speaking of great work, the ProCharger-equipped Proven Wicked Camaro is featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Camaro Now magazine. A newsstand only publication, this beautiful publication is focused exclusively on Gen 5 Camaro owners.

As an added bonus, this ProCharger supercharged and intercooled Camaro is also featured on the massive, pull-out poster that’s included with the magazine. If you’re a fan of late-model Camaros, especially ones built to run as fast as they look, then be sure to stop by your local newsstand to pickup a copy of Camaro Now before they’re all gone.

The Proven Wicked Camaro made its debut at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where it drew compliments on its purposeful and powerful combination of looks and performance. This car has made nearly 570 rwhp and was in action at April’s Camaro5 Fest in Phoenix, AZ. Check out the video below.

Own a Gen 5 Camaro SS and want to add 170 to 200 HP to an otherwise stock engine? Look no further than ProCharger!


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