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April-June 2012
  NWO Nationals @ Silver Dollar Raceway June 29-30

Limited Street:
Steve Jackson along with his notorious ProCharger F-3R-136 was on the property and ready to take the wind out of his competition. Jackson qualified in the number one position by running a 4.50 @ 177 mph. On race day, Jackson was primed to go to the finals by running low et and top mph of the event. With a time of 4.48 @ 178 mph, Steve was ready for another final round!

Rich and Nick Bruder made the long haul from New York, and needless to say, were a little tired from the drive. Even so, the Bruder brothers woke the field up by qualifying number one with a 4.94 @ 154 mph. Never satisfied, the Bruders went ahead and ripped the hearts out of their competitors by running a 4.69 @ 156 mph. Even in over 100 degree heat, they easily knocked out the field and took home the win along with a nice pay day!

  NMCA West @ Famoso Raceway June 22-24

True 8.5:
Eric Gustafson and his impeccable 400-cubic inch LS based 1969 Camaro were ready for action. Eric relies on an F-1R ProCharger that supplies 22 psi of boost to his potent combination. Eric qualified third by running a 5.42 @ 138 mph. On elimination day, Gustafson, along with his F-1R, brought home the win and his first "Wally" by running an outstanding time of 5.39 @ 139 mph!

PSCA standouts and class champion Kevin Young and brother Jeff Young made the long haul from their home state of Idaho. Both brothers run third gen small block ProCharger F-2 powered machines. The duo qualified number one and two, and both went to the final round. Taking home his first "Wally" and along the way running the fastest quarter mile pass ever for a ProCharger F-2 was Kevin Young. Kevin ran an incredible 7.44 @ 198 mph blast to take home the win!

True 10.5/Outlaw Drag Radial:
Leaf spring suspension and drag radial class stand-out Al Jimenez brought his 1971 big block ProCharger F-3R-136 powered machine to do battle. Al qualified number one with a 7.14 second blast down the quarter mile. In the process of dominating the field on elimination day, Jimenez also shattered the all-time mph mark for a leaf spring suspended car. In the final round, Al ran 205 mph and took home his first "Wally" as well!

  NMRA @ Milan Dragway June 15-16

Super Street Outlaw:
John Urist, Phil Hines and Larry Prykucki were in attendance. Urist and Hines qualified number one and two, with both running over 202 mph. Prykucki ran extremely strong and landed in the third qualifying position. In eliminations, Hines and Prykucki would be paired up against each other. Larry would win this match and find himself in the final round against multi-time champ Urist. Prykucki mowed the tree down against Urist but it wasn't enough, Urist wrapped up the victory with his ProCharger F-3A-121 and took home the win.

Jason Lee and his Mustang made the short 45 minute commute from his Ohio home and took no prisoners. Lee decimated the field with another number one qualifying spot by running a 7.47 @ 188 mph. Lee took home a victory and at this point in the season has a commanding lead in the points chase.

  NMCA @ Maryland International Raceway June 8-10

Super Street 10.5W:
Outlaw Drag Radial champion Steve Jackson decided to try his luck in the NMCA quarter-mile drag racing action. Jackson stayed true to his radial roots and competed against the 10.5W slick tire machines while running on his tried and true drag radials. Jackson qualified second by running an impressive 6.73 @ 224 mph. Steve Summers was also back in action after taking one race off to update his engine program. Summers contracted CFE to build him a 530 cubic inch Chevy and he is still relying on his F-3R-136 to supply the boost to his new beast. Summers qualified seventh by running a 6.86 @ 204 mph. Both Jackson and Summers would win the first round of eliminations, only to be paired up against each other in the next round. Jackson came out on the winning side of this round, but his day would end prematurely in the third round by simply over powering the track.

After stunning the MIR X275 faithful a month earlier, Jason Lee was back at it again. Lee took home another top qualifier spot by running a 7.39 @ 191 mph. Jason and his ProCharger F-1X went to yet another final round and continues to have a strangle hold on his competition.

  NMRA @ Maryland International Raceway, May 4-6

Super Street Outlaw:
In the third race of the season John Urist and Phil Hines were back at it. Urist for the third straight event qualified number one and ran 7.08 @ 201 mph. Again it was Hines in the third qualifying spot running a stout 7.10 @ 195 mph. As it was in the first two races, it was another Hines vs. Urist battle in the first round of eliminations. Urist had Phil's number and again went to the final round, collecting his third win of the season by running a 7.02 @ 202 mph.

Jason Lee made the haul from his Ohio home to try and further his commanding points lead. Lee qualified number one and stunned the X275 world by running an impressive 7.37 @ 190 mph. Lee dominated his way thru eliminations by running a pair of 7.36's @ 190 mph. Jason's performance was halted in the final round where he lost traction off the starting line and couldn't recover.

Tim Matherly and his 2010 Mustang running a ProCharger F-1C, along with teammate Jim Breese, were ready for some racing action. Breese qualified third with a 8.84 @ 152 mph. Right behind Breese in the fourth spot was Matherly running a 8.85 @ 151 mph. On Sunday, Breese's day would end early, while Matherly's day would continue all the way to the final round. This marked Tim's first final round appearance in the highly competitive Renegade class.

  Holly Springs Shootout @ Holly Springs Motorsports Park April 28-29

Outlaw Drag Radial:
Steve Jackson and Tony Ridenour were back at it in this highly competitive 34 car field. Jackson and his ProCharged F-3R-136 Mustang qualified fourth by running a stout 4.44 @ 181 mph. Not to be outdone, Ridenour and his twin F-2's qualified sixth with an impressive 4.54 @ 162 mph. Tony's day ended early in the second round, while Jackson's day continued. Steve marched thru his side of the eliminations ladder and again made it to another final round!

  NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals @ Atlanta Dragway April 12-15

Super Street Outlaw:
Going for a second race win in a row, John Urist was a force to be reckoned with in the SSO ranks. Urist qualified number one with an outstanding time of 7.09 @ 204 mph. Phil Hines was also back in action and trying for his first win of the young 2012 season. Hines qualified third with a 7.14 @ 204 mph. These two ProCharger heavy hitters would face off against each other in round two of eliminations with Urist taking the round win. John would again find himself in another final round matchup with turbo racer Kenjo Kelley. The highly anticipated Urist/Kelley battle failed to materialize do to Kelley's premature leave when the tree dropped, handing Urist the victory.

Also trying for his second win in a row of the 2012 season was Jason Lee. Lee qualified number one with an impressive 7.49 @ 189 mph. Ronnie Diaz made the trip down to Commerce, GA with his black 99 Mustang. Diaz also qualified strong by running 7.88 @ 182 mph which put him solidly in the sixth position. The elimination ladder wasn't very friendly to the two racers. It was a Lee vs. Diaz first round match up with Lee taking the round win. Lee methodically eliminated his opponents and took home his second consecutive win of the season.

Continuing to sort out their new combinations, racers Tim Matherly and Jim Breese still were ready for action. Matherly and his 2010 ProCharger F-1C powered Mustang qualified third with a 8.83 @ 149 mph. Breese was also getting a handle on his new found powered 2004 F-1C ProCharged Mustang by running 8.96 @ 148 mph, which landed him in the fourth spot. Unfortunately, both racers' day would end early and would leave the two hungry for a comeback at the next event

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