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Take a look inside the legend, the heart of the Ultimate Power Adder.  Utilizing the latest technology, ProCharger takes you inside the industry’s leading supercharger.  Sit back, strap in, experience the ProCharger advantage, and see how ProCharger differs from other power adders.

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Self contained ProCharger superchargers provide the industry’s highest efficiency and coolest charge air temperatures. This cool, dense air means more oxygen and fuel for your engine, less exposure to detonation and more power. ProCharger superchargers utilize natural centrifugal forces to compress air and are not exposed to exhaust-heat transfer.

As a result, they produce cooler air than other designs such as positive displacement superchargers and turbochargers. Designed and manufactured in the USA, ProCharger models for both street/strip and hardcore racing feature the highest step-up ratio, a patented, self-contained oiling design, exclusive billet impellers, and precision billet gearcases for superior rigidity, sealing and appearance.

In addition to higher efficiency and no heat transfer into the blower from heated engine oil, ProCharger's mounting location also places the supercharger in a fresh air stream, an additional thermal advantage. No heat transfer from an exhaust interface, nor heat transfer from engine top mounting. Self-contained oiling and this mounting location, together with high efficiency centrifugal compression, combine to produce the coolest operating and charge air temperatures.

This high efficiency design also results in optimized fuel economy. With a unique combination of durability and high performance, with years of proven performance on the street and championship-winning performance on the track, self-contained ProChargers are the Ultimate Power Adder.


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