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New Intercooled ProCharger
System for Mach 1

The new H.O. Intercooled ProCharger system for the Mach 1 produces a 55-60% horsepower gain on stock motors running pump gas, with the ability to support even higher power levels. This supercharger system is a complete bolt-on, and delivers the coolest charge air temperatures available, for maximum engine longevity as well as power. Unlike others, the system design also retains the functionality of the factory shaker scoop.Standard equipment includes an air-to-air intercooler system and the self-contained, gear-driven P-1SC ProCharger model, with 3-year supercharger warranty available. A customer recently used this new system to win the NMRA World Finals Mach 1 Shootout, running consistent 120 mph trap speeds with an otherwise stock vehicle.

Mach 1

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