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Intercooled ProCharger® Systems
for LS1 Camaros and Firebirds

For Immediate Release

The new H.O. Intercooled ProCharger system for 1999-2001 LS1 F-body applications is now available, and produces an industry-leading 440-560 horsepower on stock motors running pump gas. Featuring the self-contained P-1SC-1 ProCharger and twin highflow intercooler system as standard equipment, this recently introduced ProCharger system produces the largest power gains available for the LS1 motor. A three-year supercharger warranty is also standard, and covers boost and power levels upt to 9 psi and 560 hp.

While customers will be able to bolt on 120+ mph trap speeds with the addition of the H.O. Intercooled system alone (utilizing stock fuel injectors), they can also rest assured knowing that this system is fully upgradable to even higher power levels. Running pump gas, this package is capable of pushing the power gains above 55% with the addition of larger fuel injectors, ECM reprogramming, and a supercharger pulley change for 7 psi of boost. Power gains of up to 65% on pump gas are possible with a fuel pump upgrade (beyond the ProPump® assembly included in the H.O. Intercooled system), as both the P-1SC-1 ProCharger and twin highflow intercooler system are capable of supporting over 750 horsepower. For those desiring power gains greater than 65%, ATI is also offering an H.O. Intercooled Kit (tuner kit) for 1998-2001 model years, which excludes the fuel pump and FMU assemblies, but is otherwise identical to the H.O. Intercooled System.

Beyond superior performance and engine longevity, this system is much easier to install than other forced induction systems, with no need to punch a hole in the oil pan, modify the hood, relocate accessories, remove exhaust, or install the water reservoir and hardware associated with air-to-water intercooling. This system design also provides a more attractive, OEM-style appearance. The rugged ProCharger itself is available with a 3-year warranty, and due to the tremendous benefits of intercooling (as well as the high compression of the LS1 motor), ATI is only offering intercooled packages for the LS1 F-body.

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