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Intercooled ProChargerģ Systems
for Dodge 5.9 and 5.2
Ram, Durango and Dakota

For Immediate Release

ATI is proud to announce the introduction of the first intercooled supercharger systems for Dodge trucks and SUVís. Intercooled ProCharger systems provide reliable 55-60% gains in horsepower and torque on pump gas for these motors, with the coolest charge air temperatures available. Intercooled ProCharger technology produces significant gains in both acceleration and towing capacity, and this power is produced with substantially better engine reliability than is possible when supercharging without an intercooler. A three-year supercharger warranty is available with every 5.9/5.2 Dodge Truck/SUV system. This system is a 100% complete bolt-on and can be installed in 6-8 hours with standard hand tools, and absolutely no fabrication or cutting of body panels.

This new system comes standard with ProCharger's patented self-contained oiling technology, which delivers cooler operating temperatures and eliminates the need to punch a hole in the oil pan. The P-1SC ProCharger is included in each system along with a highly effective air-to-air intercooler, together producing 8-9 psi of intercooled boost. Due to the tremendous benefits of intercooling, only intercooled supercharger systems are being offered. Thanks to the efficiency of both the ProCharger and intercooler system, Intercooled ProCharger systems feature far cooler charge air temperatures than any supercharger alone, and are the only supercharger systems which allow extended operation without the excessive heat and exhaust gas temperatures. With the industry-leading performance and efficiency of this system, towing applications will also experience an improvement in fuel economy.

Dodge Ram

Dodge Dakota/Durango

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