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LSx Engine Supercharger Kits

Since the debut of the ProCharger LSx Engine Transplant Supercharger Kits at the December 2008 AETC and Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Orlando, FL, the Engineering and R&D Teams at ProCharger have been working hard to expand the product offerings for this rapidly growing segment of the performance aftermarket. Today, we are proud to introduce an expanded lineup of ProCharger Supercharger Kits, for both Serpentine and Cog Drive Race setups, and available with or without intercooling for injected or carbureted engines.

With experience from more than 10 years of LS-forced induction leadership, these ProCharger LSx Supercharger Kits provide outstanding power gains on both stock and modified LSx engines and will certainly make your LS transplant project stand out on the track or at the show.

Unlike ProChargerís many vehicle-specific systems, the LS-transplant supercharger kits are not 100% complete or turn-key (tuning required, at a minimum), since they were designed for an engine, not a specific vehicle. However, these ProCharger kits have been test-fitted into the following cars: 1966-72 GM A-body (Chevelle, GTO, etc.), 1968-72 Chevrolet Nova, 1968-81 GM F-body (Camaro/Firebird). For other vehicles, kit dimensions are provided in the links at right.

If you are ready to put the Ultimate Power Adder™ to work on an LS-transplant vehicle, please donít hesitate to give us a call for more information.
Serpentine Drive Kit
Cog Drive Race Kit

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